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Free Internet Access
Offering users running Windows 95/98/NT a totally free 56k v.90 connection with local dialups covering over 94% of the USA and Canada
Offering everything from bestsellers to rare/out of print books, you will find every book in and out of print in our fantastic new bookstore.

Free Website Hosting

We host both business and personal sites on our Linux Super Computers on UUNet's direct backbone all at no charge, and BootBox does not require you to place any advertising on your website.

Software Store

There are so many titles to choose from in our gigantic software store. From games to office suites and more you'll find all of your software needs in the BootBox software store all at discount prices.

Link To Us

Place a link to bootbox.net on your website and assist us in making the Internet free to all users. By simply choosing one of our three link to us options, you will be partnering in the free Internet movement. Link to us today!

Music Store

The latest CD's from all of your favorite artisits as well as all of your past favorites. They are all in our collection inside the bootbox music store. Browse through BillBoard's Top 100 or choose from a variety of different categories.

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